LegalTeams®, Our all-in-one solution for seamless project and team management

Our all-in-one solution for seamless project and team management

Because at LegalProd we believe that the value of a firm lies in the men and women who make it up, our LegalTeams offer enables all teams to increase their interaction and structure their activity. Unite your teams around your projects with our technology.

Easily manage your documents

Once document sharing has been activated in our EDM (Electronic Document Management), work together on the same document simultaneously, capitalize on the documents you’ve already produced, easily find out who did what thanks to our audit trail, and go back to a previous version thanks to our versioning system.
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Stay connected with your teams

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You can keep in touch with your team at all times, thanks to secure instant messaging to discuss even the most confidential subjects.

Manage your files with agility

Thanks to our Project module, you can track all your files, from prospect integration in the CRM (onboarding) through to invoicing, and throughout the life of the business relationship.

It’s easy to find out the occupancy rates of your teams, so you can better adapt their workloads. Keep track in real time of the progress of the tasks you’ve assigned them. You can also modify due dates according to mission priorities. So you never lose track!

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Adopt the extended team

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For some cases, you may need to work with other lawyers or partners such as experts, insurers, notaries or bailiffs….

So, for a specific project, they’re part of your team, and you need to be able to work with them. It couldn’t be easier! Give them temporary access to work with you.

Time recording and invoicing made easy

Time recording and consolidation account for 10-15% of your activity; our automated time recording system can reduce this time to less than 5%.

All you have to do is validate your times with one click to generate a pre-filled invoice. So you can devote as much time as possible to doing what you love: your job.

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