LegalProd VS Wolters Kluwer

LegalProd is the only tool on the market capable of integrating a multitude of functions into a single platform. Designed specifically to meet lawyers’ needs from A to Z.

LegalProd VS Wolters Kluwer comparison chart

Here’s a comparative table of features between LegalProd and Wolters Kluwer.

LegalProd Wolters Kluwer
Price Base price: €97 Base price: €89 (LOP)
+ €69 with KLEOS
Hidden costs X
Data migration, Onboarding premium free of charge X
Partner Area X
Customer area X
Chat & video X
Production of collaborative files
Time & billing

Details of the differences between LegalProd and Wolters Kluwer

Here are the most important comparisons between LegalProd and Wolters Kluwer.

Interface & User Experience

Wolters Kluwer LOP presents significant restrictions in terms of compatibility with operating systems. Available exclusively on Windows, it requires specific systems such as Windows Server 2012/R2/2016. This limitation extends to recent versions, as ESSENTIALS versions of Windows Server are not compatible with SQL 2017, thus excluding them from the LOP 2.0 prerequisites.

In terms of workstations, compatibility stops at Windows 10, thus excluding Windows 11 or any subsequent operating system. This restriction can cause compatibility problems, especially with modern languages introduced in the most recent updates.

Internet browsers and support

Internet browser support for Wolters Kluwer LOP is also limited, with no recent updates to extend compatibility. This may hinder access and use for users who prefer newer or different browsers.

User interface

Wolters Kluwer LOP’s user interface is considered outdated, especially when compared to LegalProd‘s.

Wolters Kluwer interface

LegalProd offers a more modern, intuitive interface adapted to current user needs, improving the overall user experience.

LegalProd interface

LegalProd is designed to be accessible on any device with an Internet connection, without the need to download additional software or applications.

The price

Wolters Kluwer adopts a complex pricing approach, including various additional charges. Users should be prepared for initial set-up costs, as well as recurring server-related expenses. What’s more, you’ll need to purchase a paid version of SQL Server to get the most out of it. These additional costs can significantly increase the overall budget required to deploy and maintain the Wolters Kluwer system.

In comparison, LegalProd offers a simplified and transparent pricing structure. With a one-off cost of €97, there are no hidden costs or additional expenses for servers or other software components. LegalProd operates as a fully online SaaS (Software as a Service) service, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure and additional maintenance fees. This all-inclusive pricing model facilitates budget planning and makes LegalProd accessible to a wider range of users.

Production of collaborative files

Unlike Wolters Kluwer, which mainly offers Electronic Document Management (EDM), LegalProd goes far beyond with advanced collaboration functionalities:

  1. Sharing documents with third parties: LegalProd enables documents to be shared not only within the firm, but also with third parties, facilitating extended collaboration.
  2. Collaborative Writing Systems: We offer multi-person writing for up to 50 people, with a versioning system. This allows all participants to see who has contributed to which parts of the document.
  3. Opening folders to external collabor ators: Folders can be opened to external collaborators, enabling simultaneous work on the same folder. The customer thus becomes an active player in his file, able to consult and modify documents.
  4. Task Assignment and Tracking: Tasks can be assigned to specific team members, with real-time tracking of actions, offering complete visibility of project progress.
  5. Validation systems and Workflow: Once a document has been produced, it is possible to request validations via an integrated workflow, similar to Trello, but directly within LegalProd, including the creation of alerts.

These LegalProd features transform case production into a collaborative and interactive experience, where every participant, including the customer, plays a key role in the process.

The difference between our KPIs

While Wolters Kluwer offers KPIs on time spent versus time actually billed, LegalProd distinguishes itself with a wider range of KPIs, bringing significant added value:

  1. Customer Knowledge KPI: We offer detailed customer analysis, identifying the most important customers and providing detailed percentages to better understand and categorize customer relationships.
  2. Individual Performance KPIs: For each partner and associate, we measure efficiency and check the conformity of billing for hours worked, enabling precise evaluation of individual performance.
  3. Package Management KPIs: In the face of growing demand for alternative business models to the hourly rate, such as budgets and packages, our KPIs enable us to analyze whether packages have been under- or over-estimated. This helps to adjust budgets, whether upwards in the event of a billing oversight, or downwards if less time than expected is spent on the files.
  4. Collective KPI: We provide an overview of the firm’s performance, enabling us to determine which elements are performing best and optimize overall strategies.

These additional KPIs from LegalProd offer a more complete perspective, helping firms to fine-tune their business management and strategy.

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Time & billing

For time and billing management, LegalProd offers similar features to Wolters Kluwer, while providing unique additional benefits:


  1. Synchronized collaborative working: LegalProd synchronizes time tracking for the entire team, ensuring efficient coordination and accurate recording of hours worked by all project members.
  2. Time registration: The system enables detailed and easy registration of time spent on each task or file, facilitating accurate and transparent invoicing.
  3. White Label Billing for Partners: LegalProd enables law firms to bill for services provided by their partners under their own brand name, offering a consistent and professional customer experience.
  4. Integration with external lawyers: When an external lawyer is called in, LegalProd’s system easily integrates their work and billing, ensuring smooth, integrated management of external contributions.

DMS comparison

Our EDM is an open EDM, and we’re the only ones to do so: every document is visible to everyone, including the names of the owners of each file. Although full access to a document requires the approval of its holder, this transparency makes it easier for users to request access to the documents they need. These fine, practical subtleties, which optimize efficiency and collaboration, are unfortunately not present in Wolters Kluwer’s offering.

LegalProd: a complete platform with a Partner & Customer Area, CRM, integrated legal AI, chat and videoconferencing facilities.

LegalProd sets itself apart from Secib by offering a superior user experience and a platform designed from the ground up specifically for the needs of lawyers. What makes LegalProd particularly remarkable is its complete integration of key functionalities into a single platform:

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Enables lawyers to reach new targets and effectively manage their relationships with customers, prospects and partners.
  2. Partner Area: Allows employees to manage their time, consult files and actively participate in business management.
  3. Customer area: full access to e-mail, documents and EDM, with secure archiving for transparent, ongoing management of legal files.
  4. Legal AI: Our AI acts as a true legal assistant, designed to operate exclusively within your environment, it can operate directly on your firm’s internal documents to ease your time-consuming tasks.
  5. Chat & Visio: Whether it’s your customers or your partners, you can launch visios or chat directly from the tool, without having to switch to another software application.
  6. Customer & partner area: Your customers and partners have their own dedicated interface, so that everyone can work hand in hand in a single environment.

In addition to these distinctive features, LegalProd integrates advanced electronic document management, a collaborative customer space, key performance indicators (KPIs) and a robust invoicing plan, just like Wolter Kluwer, but in a more developed version. This combination of features makes LegalProd a complete, high-performance solution, perfectly adapted to the modern needs of law firms.

Everything is interconnected and works in symbiosis.

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