The 6 best lawyer software

Faced with a growing need for efficiency and speed, lawyers are increasingly turning to technological solutions to optimize their practice. Software specifically designed for lawyers plays a crucial role in this digital transformation, offering tools tailored to case management, client communication, billing, and much more. This article highlights the best software for lawyers, focusing on its usefulness, accessibility and ability to meet the specific needs of this profession.

Comparative tables of lawyer software features

Here’s a comparative table of the features of each lawyer software to help you decide which one is best suited to your needs!

LegalProd Secib Jarvis Diapaz zLawyer Wolters Kluwer
Price Base price: €97 Base price: €89 Base price: €110 Base price: €69 Base price: €45 Base price: €89 (LOP)
Data migration, Free premium onboarding X X X X X
Hidden costs X X X
Customer area
Production of collaborative files
Chat & video
Partner Area
Time & billing

LegalProd dominates in terms of comprehensive functionality, while Secib, Jarvis and Diapaz offer a variety of capabilities in specific fields. Wolters Kluwer, on the other hand, seems to offer a more limited range of services. Law firms need to evaluate these software solutions in the light of their specific needs, in order to make the best technological choice.

#1 LegalProd

LegalProd, from €97, is an all-in-one legal software package designed to boost law firm productivity, offering comprehensive management that includes detailed tracking of billable hours, invoice management, a CRM, integrated messaging similar to Teams, and electronic document management (EDM) tools. The platform also provides easy access to dashboards for effective monitoring of the firm’s performance. Integration is free of charge; we’ll take care of your data migration personally.


#2 Secib

SECIB néo, their flagship software from €89, is a management and control platform for lawyers, encompassing functions ranging from invoicing and document production to agenda synchronization and profile management. It offers multi-site management, task and performance monitoring tools, and advanced security functions. SECIB neo promotes mobility with support for mobile devices and tablets, and enriches customer management with features such as online appointment scheduling and contact and email management.


#3 Jarvis

Jarvis Legal offers their software from €35 up to €110, their management software for lawyers offers features such as centralization and secure document storage in the cloud. It enables precise control of global and individual activity within the firm, manages customer relations, and encourages collaboration and teamwork. In addition, he is responsible for invoicing and monitoring working hours, essential elements in the successful management of a law firm.


#4 Diapaz

Diapaz is an integrated management solution for law firms starting at €69, which centralizes several key aspects of the legal business. It provides an overview of the company, improves customer knowledge through a detailed CRM, and optimizes file management. With Diapaz, time tracking and invoicing are simplified. The software also includes an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system, an extranet for collaboration, a procedure diary to track deadlines, and reports and statistics to analyze performance. It also offers mobility and remote access, thanks to integration with e-Barreau/RPVA.


#5 zLawyer

zLawyer, from €49, is a simple, user-friendly management solution for law firms, with no commitment required. It is highly rated for its ease of use and responsive support. Key functionalities include file management, time tracking, billing, as well as document and task management. The platform is scalable, adapts to different technological infrastructures and offers web client access. It’s designed to simplify time capture and improve case profitability.


#6 Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer (LOP), from €89, offers a management system for law firms, with functions for both day-to-day and advanced management. The tool enables holistic management of legal files, centralization of contacts, efficient organization of diaries and integration of the RPVA. It also offers precise calculation of legal interest, advanced time recording and billing features, and financial and statistical analysis capabilities for informed decision-making. LOP technology ensures seamless integration with Microsoft Office and enhanced mobility thanks to a mobile application. It aims to facilitate the digital transformation of law firms.

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What is lawyer software?

Lawyer software is a specialized application designed to meet the specific needs of legal professionals. It facilitates the management of legal files, customer relations and invoicing, and often integrates time tracking and communication tools. This software is designed to optimize the organization and efficiency of law firms, by providing a centralized platform for managing various aspects of their professional practice.

What is legaltech?

It is a company that uses technology to provide legal services and improve management tools for legal professionals.

How to choose the best lawyer software?

Identify your needs, compare features, consider ergonomics (design, interface), technical support and user reviews, and evaluate value for money.

How do user interface and design impact the use of legal software?

User interface and design are crucial to the user experience (UX) in legal software. A well-designed interface makes the software intuitive, facilitating user adoption and reducing learning time. Good design can also improve efficiency by simplifying workflows and making information more accessible. LegalProd and Jarvis Legal stand out in particular for their aesthetics, ergonomics and design, promoting a superior user experience.

What is the importance of a CRM in software for lawyers?

CRM helps manage and analyze customer interactions, improving customer relations and loyalty, and identifying new business opportunities.

What is EDM in legal software?

Electronic Document Management organizes, stores and secures digital documents, making them easier to find and share.

Is it possible to test lawyer software before buying?

Yes, most suppliers offer demos or trial periods to test the software before committing. But not all of them. Contact the sales department respectively.

What are the advantages of mobility in legal software?

It enables access to files and software functions from anywhere, on different devices, increasing flexibility and productivity.

How is technology influencing the digital transformation of law firms?

It automates tasks, optimizes case management, improves communication with customers and enables better decision-making thanks to data. But above all, it saves time.

How secure is legal software?

Modern software puts a premium on security, with measures such as data encryption, authentication and compliance with confidentiality standards.

Can legal software be used for accounting?

Lawyers’ software is primarily designed to manage legal files, client relations and other aspects specific to the practice of law. Some include accounting functions, or can be integrated with accounting software to manage invoicing and expense tracking. However, for complete accounting management that complies with tax regulations, it is advisable to consult specialized accounting software or a chartered accountant.