Why us – what makes LegalProd different

LegalProd is the only tool on the market capable of accommodating so many functions in a single platform. But LegalProd is much more than that. Smarter tools, a lively and fast platform. An ideal platform for lawyers and law-related professions.

LegalProd VS the competition

Here’s a table comparing LegalProd’s features with those of the competition.

LegalProd Secib Jarvis Diapaz zLawyer Wolters Kluwer Imanage
Customer area
Production of collaborative files
Chat & video
Partner Area
Time & billing

Contact and Network Management

Standardized solutions on the market give firms the illusion that they can manage their prospects and customers via a CRM offering such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce. They can find customer, supplier and contact files, but this doesn’t really meet the real expectations of building networks of firms, although some are trying their hand at setting up verticals. Our solution enables you to create contacts for prospects and customers, as well as for lawyers in the ecosystem. To date, our CRM has been built so that the firm’s lawyers are clearly identified as users, and other lawyers in the ecosystem, partners (experts, accountants, CACs, bailiffs, etc.) and firm networks can be easily distinguished in the CRM. In addition, we have succeeded in anonymizing contacts by setting up a workflow for requesting access to information about a contact for which you are not the manager, which is unique on the market: CRM can now be managed in silos, rather than in a matrix fashion like traditional CRM.

Project Management

The notion of a project in a law firm context is in fact the management of business files. Only large firms are capable of implementing one of the solutions on the market, and the cost of implementation is difficult for most firms to bear. What’s more, no solution on the market offers the ability to accurately track time consumed per minute. Our solution offers the possibility of detecting and tracking all types of time consumption linked to a file. On the one hand, this is due to the integrated nature of our solution, and on the other, to its consolidation with all the team members in charge of a project. The firm is thus able to invoice its customers at the most accurate level of detail, with complete transparency. Precise time tracking also provides law firm management with effective KPIs for better firm management.

Document Management

Many firms use an EDM to store documents, and most of them use a Sharepoint solution. Set-up is fairly straightforward, but knowledge-base management and rights management are often put aside after a few months’ use, as good practices are not followed by users. Our solution offers a real advantage for law firms. As our EDM is natively linked to contacts and deals, follow-up is a natural part of using our solution. Our EDM then becomes a Knowledge Management database. Our solution offers document encryption for secure storage and transmission.

Time and billing management

This is essential for law firms. It is also extremely time-consuming, and represents a real loss of productivity, as the tools currently available on the market are either unsuited to the particular activity of a lawyer, or very complex, with interfaces that are not very ergonomic, making the learning curve very steep. That’s why we’ve created a clear, integrated interface for the various projects, enabling lawyers to validate their time at the click of a button, and generate invoices easily and transparently.

Why does our software set us apart from the competition?

LegalProd is much more than just a more complete platform than the competition. It also means unrivalled support teams, the highest levels of security on the market, free training and much more.

Highly secure

Your connections are encrypted, so that no one can intercept not only your passwords, but also your session information and cookies… so we can guarantee the reliability of your business processes and online services.

We also have active/passive security protocols, firewalls, daily backups and availability checks.

RGPD, French software

Confidentiality assured thanks to our secure data servers, located exclusively in France.
Servers are the backbone of any IT environment, and their security is our top priority, since they centralize all your data.

Expert support

Our expert developers will help you with any problems you may have. French support is available from 08:00 to 18:00.

User experience

Our SaaS software and dashboard, designed for beginners, offer a multitude of advanced features and tools, ensuring a rewarding user experience.

Free migration / onboarding

Onboarding consists of integrating all your information (contacts, folders, documents, etc.) and eventually providing you with APIs for your everyday tools.

Free training

We’ll take care of training you, and provide you with comprehensive documentation available 24/7.

Choose a plan for your subscription, we’ll take care of the rest

Simply take out a subscription or contact our sales department. Once that’s done, we’ll take care of the rest. All you have to do is use the platform directly.

Implementation phase

1. Integrating your contacts into your environment
2. Integration of your documents and folders
3. Send logins to all users
4. Let’s get started!