Attracting and retaining talent: an obstacle course

17 February 2023 | RH

Retaining talent: a major challenge in every sector. Today’s young graduates have become demanding when it comes to their working conditions. If they’re not satisfied, they’ll leave. We’re a long way from the “40 years with the same company” model. Today, we explore, we want to touch everything, we want a pleasant team, we want to be able to work remotely… In short, there are many criteria to take into account if you want to attract and retain talent.
Of course, this trend also applies to lawyers. Did you know? 30% of CAPA graduates are no longer practicing after 5 years[1]… This volume is indicative of disappointment among young lawyers when they start practicing. A simple error of course? Or the inability of law firms to provide “attractive” working conditions?
According to the Thomson Reuters “2021 Law Firm Business Leaders Report”, 51% of law firms consider that attracting and retaining talent is a major issue for the firm’s profitability [2].
And of course, it’s common sense. Each team member who leaves involves another recruitment, onboarding and training phase, which costs the company time and resources. It’s clear that law firms need to be creative and flexible in order to offer their partners and associates attractive working conditions, and to create and consolidate a strong, competent team that will contribute to the firm’s good reputation, a strong brand, and therefore a flourishing business. On the contrary, if no effort is made at this level, disengaged, unproductive, negative behaviors may be observed… In short, everything you need to avoid!
We investigated the strategy for attracting and retaining talent in law firms. Based on our discussions with young associates, and with more experienced associates, we have identified 4 keys to building a team that stays, and is productive! And, spoiler alert, it’s not about wages, it’s about working conditions and valuing people!

1. Encourage collaborative work

A paradox, you might say, in a context where remote working is becoming increasingly popular. However, the idea is to set up a work system in which you maintain links with your team, where you cultivate the spirit of belonging to a group, while supporting flexibility and autonomy at work.
How do you do it?
By standardizing paperless exchanges! Use digital communications, an internal messaging system, a virtual safe to share and modify documents as a team, and intuitive project management tools. Give your employees the tools they need to work together! A sense of belonging and corporate culture are also important factors in retaining lawyers.

2. Promoting transparency and efficiency

There’s nothing worse for a lawyer than working for nothing, or having his actual workload questioned. Keeping track of work done and recording time are therefore essential elements in the practice of law.
How do you do it?
Make sure you use software that allows you to record actions performed, plan future actions, and keep track of time worked. As a result, your teams will be much better organized and more efficient, and you’ll be able to keep track of what’s been achieved, which will be much appreciated by your customers!

3. Simplify everyday tasks

As you know, the legal profession is in the midst of a digital transition. The Covid-19 crisis precipitated the need to use modern tools to work more efficiently at a distance, while securing data exchanges.
How do you do it?
Legaltechs provide you with increasingly sophisticated and intuitive tools to make your life easier. Using an all-in-one software package that’s visually appealing and easy to learn contributes significantly to the motivation and well-being of your teams. The important thing is to be able to reduce the load of repetitive, non-productive tasks, which quickly weary talent, and offer them an environment in which they can devote themselves fully to their work as lawyers.

Today, all this is possible, and at LegalProd, we know what we’re talking about!

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