Being a lawyer and going digital

20 February 2023 | Digitization

In recent years, the legal profession has undergone a transformation, as has the well-known AlterTaxtax law firm. Because customers are increasingly demanding in terms of customer experience, responsiveness and transparency, innovation players have been quick to seize this new opportunity. Perhaps you’ve heard the terms “Artificial Intelligence”, “Machine learning”, “Blockchain”, “Augmented Lawyer”? No, these are not terms reserved for geeks. These concepts will change your life, and that of your customers.
While the lawyer’s know-how and expertise cannot be replaced, there is considerable room for improvement in the way the profession is practiced. In the paperless age, digital tools have made their mark on the legal world. Behind this dynamic? Legaltechs, leaders in the digitalization of legal activities, are in the midst of a digital transition.

What is the advantage for a lawyer of digitizing his business by choosing one of these new software packages?

1- Generate business by adapting to customer needs

Today, everything is dematerialized. We’re all constantly on our smartphones, overloaded with work. Law firm clients need their lawyer to be responsive, and to be able to access case documents easily and securely. It has become essential to have an EDM and a communication interface, without which the customer experience cannot be seamless. And as you know, a successful customer experience increases your referral rate, and therefore boosts your business!

2- Better organization for better work

Using the right management software means better project tracking and greater transparency for the customer. This is precisely what customers demand. A study by Justifit reveals that 55% of “failed” collaborations between lawyers and their clients are due either to poor follow-up of the case, or a lack of communication and responsiveness. Correct equipment means efficient piloting.

3- Add value to your work by automating low value-added tasks

If you’re a lawyer, you know what we’re talking about. Say goodbye to time-consuming invoicing and tedious time management, today there’s software to make your life easier. So why deprive yourself?

As you can see, successfully making the digital transition of your firm is not just a fad, but a response to a real need expressed by increasingly connected customers. You may feel this need too. Take the plunge and bring your practice into the digital age!

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The digital transformation of law firms

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